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What are Yeezys? Find out here…

Grailz Guide to Yeezys-What are Yeezys

If you looking to find out what are yeezys, you’ve come to the right place.

Yeezys are a sneaker created by Kanye West. Since its inception, the Yeezy has captivated sneaker culture.

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Owning a pair of Yeezys is a sure fire way of gaining respect in the streets.

Kanye, in his collaboration with Adidas has brought in a sense of style and finesse heavily sought after in the market.

He is a fashion icon in his own right with multiple collaborations with Nike, Louis Vuitton, and many other major brands.

In this article, we will examine the history of Yeezys throughout the years.

 The Yeezys Early Years


Yeezy trivia-The very first yeezy was not released. Adidas had a collaboration in 2006 with Kanye West that did not materialize.

He then worked with Nike.

The very first Yeezy was created with a collaboration with Luis Vuitton. His breakthrough sneaker was the Air Yeezys .



The Air Yeezy 2 made the black and off-white color combination iconic.
The luxurious looking snakeskin upper made this pair a hot commodity with his fan base.

 Red October


The Red October was another series which was released by surprise. This was potentially the greatest surprise release ever. It was considered one of the all-time greatest unannounced drops ever.
Their bold and futuristic look lead to a trend in all major fashion hotspots.
His line, named ‘The Don’ was showcased in a Louis Vuitton fashion show.
This was the first time a major icon gave him some time on the runway.
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The Adidas Reunion-Coming Full Circle

Nike and Kanye had a messy divorce. Their discord even resulted in a diss track.

According to sources, the divorce resulted from Nike unwilling to give Kanye royalties on his shoes.
Adidas and Kanye came up with a deal to give Kanye royalties on a clothing and sneaker line.
So 2015 was a year remembered by  many Yeezy fans because of the much-awaited release of a new Adidas-Yeezy sneaker line.
Over the next two years, the line developed a cult following with superstars like David Beckham, Pharrell Williams and the Kardashians regularly seen wearing their Yeezys.


 The Adidas Yeezy Sneaker Revolution Begins: Yeezy Boost

The Yeezy Boost was the first Adidas-Kanye Yeezy to be released.
The line has become so exclusive that resell values for the shoes average about 500% of their original price.
The line boasts three models (750 Boost Sneaker, 350 Low Top Boost Sneaker, and 950 Boot Series).
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the 950 boot series.
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Every colorway of the sneakers sold out in under 15 minutes over the official Adidas app.
Here, we’ll discuss the best Adidas Yeezy sneakers and update our shopping list!!


Best Yeezy Colorways

The ‘Turtle Dove is ranked one the best Yeezy models. 


The colorway is characterized by a grey-white pattern. The Yeezy shoe is made of patented primeknit, high-quality material.
It is accompanied by the boost technology and was sold for a retail price of $200.
Since then, it has been in high demand. It is classified as extremely rare.
The Turtle Dove averages a resell price of $2,218 which is a whopping 1,009% increase from its original value.
A separate V2 edition of the sneakers has been released which sport a SPLY 350 on the sides.

 Zebra 350

The next iconic shoe on our list is the Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 ‘Zebra‘.

This model, introduced in February 2017 sported a white, core black or red colorway and sold for a retail price of 220$.
The popularity of this piece has been enough to warrant a re-release which occurred in June 2017.
The Zebra is very rare and one of the most difficult Yeezys to get our hands on.
Resell value stands at an average of $1,423 with an increase of 547% from the original price.

Boost 750

The Adidas Yeezy Boost 750 ‘Light Brown‘ offers luxury and comfort in one.

The soft-toned pair of boots were released on October 15th, 2016 and sold for $350.
The soft suede looks captured the attention of streetwear enthusiasts. This was the first sneaker resulting from the Kanye-Adidas collaboration.
This shows in its resell value which stands at $3,034.

Yeezy Boost 350 Moonrock

Another fan-favorite is the Yeezy Boost 350 ‘Moonrock‘.
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The name is due to its speckled agate grey coloring and this pair of sneakers seems to work with pretty much any style.
The rope laces and detailed suede inserts possess very good quality and the model sold at a retail sum of $200.
The price has since increased with online dealers offering to sell it for no less than $1,535.



The 350 V2 ‘Beluga‘ is near the top of every Yeezy fan’s list.
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It boasts a sleek design having a red stripe passing through which gives it an edgy look.
The retail price of $200 has shot up to $721 which is a pretty steep increase for a pair of sneakers.
The Yeezy range boasts of contemporary color choices with a range of completely white sneakers along with those completely black.

Pirate Black

One such sneaker is the Pirate Black.
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It is the most desired colorway, fetching more than $1,500 on resell sites. Very versatile and elegant, it remains to be an excellent collector’s item.

Yeezy 350 Boost Oxford Tan

One smoking hot entry in the market is the Adidas Yeezy 350 Boost Oxford Tan which sports a new colorway.
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Diversity has been Kanye West’s strength and he exhibits that in full force with these sweet kicks.

Latest Release

The latest launch showcased a Semi Frozen-Yellow sneaker. Its bright luminescent coloring is making sneakerheads go wild.

Future Release

Another soon-to-be released edition is the Yeezy Desert Rat 500.
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This model is to be made with cow leather, suede and a mesh technology involving Adiprene.
It involves the classic Yeezy combination of comfort, style, fashion and oozes luxury.
The Yeezy Desert Rat 500 is set to be launched in the Spring of 2018 and we can hardly wait for it!!


Kanye has made it his business to change the way we look at the runway with his street-smart fashion.
He incorporates all aspects of major designers to bring about a new revolution.
His style is centered around cool, comfortable and luxurious wear.
He is a part of one of the most famous celebrity families in the world. This has increased his reach even more.
The Kardashians never miss an opportunity to flaunt their Yeezys.
Kim Kardashian seems to sport a new pair every other day.
The star-studded family which includes the likes of supermodel Kendall Jenner and her sister Kylie Jenner are one of the most followed celebrities on Instagram.
Their followers run into the millions and every time they wear a ‘Beluga’, it is almost guaranteed to sell out in the next couple of hours.
It seems as if the  Yeezy is here to stay and I sure am glad about that.
So we’ve recapped the extensive and interesting history of the Yeezy line. So the next time someone asks you what are yeezys, you’ll know what to say.
Tell us your favorite Yeezy in the comments section.
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